Waray, Bikol and Bisakol languages

I’ve come across a “PHILIPPINE LANGUAGE TREE” proposed by William Henry Scott (1984) from this page.


This tree, based on the footnote, is based on Charles Walton’s paper “A Philippine language tree” presented at the Austronesian Symposium at the University of Hawaii in August 18-20, 1977.

Interesting that this language tree depicts Samarnon (Waray) closer to Bikol and Masbatenyo (Masbate) than to other Bisayan languages. This somehow validates an observation that Bikol, Samarnon and Bisakol languages form a subgroup, having retained the distinction between medial –d- and –l-. I would surmise that the predominance of Bisayan words in Samarnon reflects more a borrowing from Bisayan languages, resulting in Samarnon looking more and more Bisayan.

Compare that with this language tree taken from here where Samarnon and Masbatenyo are in the Bisayan subgroup.


One Response to “Waray, Bikol and Bisakol languages”

  1. Bicolano Says:

    Ang Pandan Bikol, saen tabi’ nakagrupo manoy?

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