Some notes On Eustaquio asin Teofiste

The book was published in 1930, so these observations are for that period in the history of the Bikol language.

Some observation about the words used in this corrido are:

1. There is no use of the prefix maŋag- but there is of naŋag-.

naŋagsasakop (12)
naŋaghaharalat (21)
naŋagɥaɥabaŋ (22)
naŋagkakaɥoyon (59)
naŋagkakamit (60)
naŋagsasaroɥ (230, 236)
naŋagdudusa (244)
naŋagmata (245)

And then there is a form without the –g-, which means the patient of the action viewed as a group.

naŋasasakop (15)
naŋasasadol (61)
naŋaɥoɥolaktan (68)
naŋakasugal (83)
naŋadatoŋ (122)
naŋaɥiloŋ (124)
naŋakadamay (189)
naŋapasuhay (189)
naŋadadanay (240)

So maŋag- is the counterpart of mag-, and maŋa-  is the counterpart of ma-.

2.  The infix -umin- appears as –imin-, and no change in mina- prefix.

-umin- infix mina- prefix
timinogot (0) minaluwas (15)
dimintoŋ (136) minasamba (350
timinagbaŋ (156) minalamag (48)
timinapus (212) minamateɥ (72, 204)
  minabirik (78)
  minagikan (86)
  minatadom (129)
  minadiklom (153)
  minasarig (183, 200)
  minadalihig (197)

3.  the use of “ka” as ligature occurs just once.

orog ka gabat (114)

4. The prefix mani- occurs twice and surprisingly, there is no occurrence of “magiŋ”.

maniniɥakiɥ (87)
maniboɥot (94)

And the Realis or Past forms:

nanitataramon (4)
nanikatorogan (54)
naniŋaran (97)
nanikatuŋdan (110)
nanikatambay (231)


5. The prefix hing- looks quite productive.

maghinañog (0)
hinañogon (36, 203)
paghinañogon (65)
hinañogon (170)
daŋog  < dañog
naghihinoɥnod (5) sunod (?)
panhinolay (95)
panhinolayan (135)
panhinolayon (210)
paghimoyaɥot (82)
maghimoyaɥot (131)
paghinanoson (127,131) tanos
maghinapus (177) tapos


6.  For the UnBegun Progressive Aspect of the verb using the mag- prefix, the ma:- form occurs more often than the mag+CV form. Care should be taken since words with surface forms “ma-“ may also be (a) adjectives, and (2) or for UnBegun Progressive Aspect of verbs of ability or accident using the prefix ma- and not mag-. Of the possible verbs in the UnBegun Progressive Aspect with the mag- prefix, the following are the occurrences:

na:- form ma:- form mag+CV form
nadulag (152) mabalik (18) magɥoɥorog (134)
nakalay (196) maluwas (21) magɥaɥagabaɥab (151)
natoktok (207) matagbaŋ (178) magsosolsol (243)
  maɥapod (181,193)  
  masorog (182)  
  mahalat (193)  

There is a rare occurrence of Begun Progressive Aspect of the verb with na:- form in use , shown on the 1st column, instead of nag+CV  form like “nagdudulag”,“nagkakalay”,“nagtotoktok”.

But mag- plus another prefix (-ka-, –para-) uses the mag+CV form like “magkakasalaɥ”(205), magpaparamuda (84).

7. The prefix –kasi- appears twice, and its usage is different than Tagalog which insert the ligature “na” , like in “magkasingkahulugan”.

magkasilalaki (16)
magkasitaho (231)

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