Bikol -um- infix

I was listening to a Bikol news program and I suddenly realised that the reporter Miles Mella used a conjugation of a Bikol verb that is supposedly regular but uncommon. The news was aired on March 11, 2016 by ABS-CBN Bikol and at 20:14 of the said video the verb was mentioned. Here is the sentence where such verb is embedded :“Propriedad, kawaran nin trabaho, asin buhay: pira sana ini sa manga nakataya kada may kasulo na tuminatama sa manga establicimiento de negocio.”

The more common conjugation of this verb is minatama, and below is the conjugation table:

  Common Regular Conjugation Pattern
Root tama tama ………  = Root
Irrealis NonProgressive tumama tumama …<um>
Irrealis Progressive matama tumatama2 R<um>……
Realis NonProgressive tuminama tuminama …<umin>
Realis Progressive minatama tuminatama1 R<umin>……

I check if i can find another verb of this same regular pattern (1)  and I came across “kuminakakan” from this site.

I believe it would be harder to find the second (2) regular conjugation as the Tagalog meaning intrudes.