Hi everyone. Xiller Yañez is my pen name.

Some facts about me:

  • I speak 3 languages now (Bikol, Tagalog & English) and learning Spanish. I plan to continue learning different languages (Mandarin, Nihonggo, Korean, German, Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Javanese, Mongolian, Mayan, etc.) until I die. I am crazy about languages.
  • I am agnostic now. I used to belong to a “restorationist” church but I got disillusioned and have doubts about (a) whether communication between humans and God is possible, and (b) whether relations between God and humans should be of indifference. I will not look for a religion unless those issues are settled within me, thus I am agnostic whether spirits (angels, demons, gods) or Consciousness exists or not. Needless to say, I am neither an atheist, theist or deist. Maybe non-theist.
  • I am on the lookout for the ineffable numen ( Latin, “presence”), anything that can be a transcendent, mysterious, perplexing, irrational powerful presence that will inspire awe, wonder and even reverence in me to an “other-ness”, as described by Rudolf Otto in his work “The Idea of the Holy”. I want to experience kadosh
  • I love to travel and I am an outdoorsy type of person. I love to tramp among the bushes, and imbibe nature’s raw energy. I love to meet different ethnicities and learn their culture, arts, food and ways of enjoying life.
  • I love comedies (films, shows, soap operas, stand up, humor sections of publications, cartoons, etc).
  • I am a hedonist. I love food, all kinds of food. I love activities that will pump my adrenalin up. I enjoy sex, and all those little pleasures of the body (not limited to sex).
  • Although I am straight-acting, I am unsure whether I am bisexual or just a plain horny deviant. I’ve had sex with both genders and like it and fantasizes about it. But I am not a two-timer or player. This is worthy of a string of blogs so I will not go on further about my sexuality.
  • Politically, I would call myself a World Citizen. I like the idea of a supranational world government. I also like the idea of having one auxlang (auxilliary international language) for international communications. But I do not like Esperanto or its derivatives.

This blog will document my hobbies and interests, which are languages, religion, philosophy, travel, outdoor activities, and other forms of hedonism as I have described above.

I am blogging because I want to share my ideas to everyone, which hopefully, will induce you to share your ideas to me in return. “If you have a penny and I have a penny and we exchange pennies, you still have one cent and I still have one cent. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange ideas, you now have two ideas and I now have two ideas [1].

If your ideas are in conflict with mine, that is alright, share it nonetheless. “Kite rise highest against the wind, not with it” [2] “A smooth sea never make a skilful mariner” [3]. “Sand sharpens a knife, a stone an axe” [4]. “Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee; reprove a wise man, and he will love thee” [5].

All comments are welcome. Should you find me wrong, please point it out and please explain why you think I am mistaken.


[1] http://www.librarysupport.net/librarylovers/makecents.html, Anonymous.

[2] http://thinkexist.com/quotation/kites_rise_highest_against_the_wind-not_with_it/9540.html

[3] http://ambrish.tripod.com/quotes.html

[4]  A Bengal proverb.

[5] http://bible.cc/proverbs/9-8.htm, Jewish Publication Society Tanakh


3 Responses to “ABOUT ME & MY BLOG”

  1. J.A. Carizo Says:

    Nice blog. thanks for adding me in your links. more power and keep blogging!

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